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What Are Cannabis Terpenes and Why Are They Important?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Terpenes are natural plant compounds that give each flower their aroma, flavor and complex high. Like other plants, each cannabis strain has a unique set of terpene profiles that help create an ensemble effect.

Indica and sativa are the most commonly used categories for cannabis. Like yin and yang, day and night, these two siblings offer almost opposite effects, with indica being the moon sibling (sleepy, relaxed, and body high), and sativa being the sun sibling (energizing, creating, head high).

What a lot of people are starting to find out is that a whole spectrum of cannabinoids and cannabis terpenes helps shape the difference between strains and their psychological and physiological effects.

At Calibueno we pay close attention to each strain's cannabinoid and terpene evaluations to make sure you have the best information available, and to help you select the best strain for your needs.

Listed below are some of our Calibuneo branded flowers with total cannabinoid percentages and its terpenoids analysis.


Myrcene is the most commonly found cannabis terpene. It’s earthy, musky aroma can be found in the majority of strains, and is known for its overall body relaxation and feeling of euphoria. This terpene is associated with an increase in cannabis’ psychoactive effects.


Limonene is the second most common cannabis terpene. Commonly associated with sativas, this citrusy aroma is known to help elevate mood and focus attention. Used in medicines for depression and anxiety, limonene offers a more uplifting high.


Responsible for the spicy, herbal aromas, caryophyllene is unlike any terpene in that it has the ability to directly activate a cannabinoid reception (particularly CB2). Caryophyllene offers a relaxed, sedating effect on your high. Our Calibueno Covelo Reserve and Golden Lemons are both strains with primarily caryophyllene terpenes.


Like the sound of its name, Pinene offers a piney, earthy aroma. Other plants that include this terpene are rosemary and sage. In cannabis, this terpene is usually associated with sativas, as it allows for a boost in energy and concentration. If you’re looking for this specific terpene on our menu, try our Calibueno Jelly Valley, available on our website.

We hope this information allows you to better shop around for strains that suit your cannabis experience best! Feel free to comment or reach out to us for any questions on terpenes, cannabinoids, or cannabis. The cannabis industry is still quite young, and we believe that the more knowledgeable the consumer is, the better we can cater to you!

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