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Calibueno’s Emerald Cup Winners

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Last week, five Calibueno delivery menu featured products and farms won awards at The Emerald Cup 2021. The Emerald Cup Festival is the largest and most respected cannabis competition and annual award ceremony in the world, bringing together experts, educators, farmers, brands, distributors, and cannabis enthusiasts to celebrate the year’s finest, organic, sun-grown, cannabis harvest. This year, the ceremony featured 175 awards in 38 categories, and of them, five winners are featured on our menu! Check out more about them below!

Space Gem: We’re so excited that Space Gems won 2nd place in CBD edibles and 3rd place in sweet edibles. Radiate rainbow energy with the full spectrum high these ice water bubble hash infused vegan gummies have to offer. Both the CBD and Sweet gummies can be found on our menu! Space Gem is a women-owned, hand-craft vegan, organic edible line made with ice water hash. Owner Wendy Baker created Space Gem in 2013 in Humboldt County with purely Humboldt cannabis.

Green Bee Botanicals: A huge congratulations to Green Bee Botanicals for winning 1st place in the infused, topical cosmetic category! This San Francisco based, woman-owned company makes small-batch, vegan, and cruelty free skincare. We’re proud to announce that we now carry their entire skincare line! The first place winner, the Renewing Serum, is meant to moisturize, brighten, and protect. Find it on our website!

Sol Spirit Farms: In at 7th place for Personal Use Cultivator Flower is Sol Spirit Farms (Sun and Earth Certified, DemPure certified). This farm proudly sells award winning, regeneratively grown, sustainably packaged small-batch, sun-grown flower. Enjoy some of their other cultivars in the form of a pre-roll, available on our menu are Sol Spirit Farms’ Rise & Shine, Blueberry Muffin, and Bubba’s Wedding pre-rolls.

Hi-Fi Hops: It’s no surprise that Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops (Unplugged) won 1st place in beverage edibles this year. While this product is not currently on our menu, Hi-Fi Hops is one of our favorite cannabis drinks on the market. We hope to bring this product back on the menu soon!

The Emerald Cup Festival and Awards will be available to watch on April 20, 2021 for on-demand viewing at www.thesocialclub.TV. Visit our menu at for delivery of some of these award winning products and farms!

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