Check out our model of operation below...

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Consumers- Calibueno is dedicated to utmost transparency. We want our consumers to know from where and who they’re getting their products, so they can make ethical choices for their planet, people, health, and pockets. 


Community- Calibueno is proud to participate in educating our Latinx community about opportunity and economic empowerment in the cannabis industry. Whenever we do business, we keep community in mind, and never stray from our core values of transparency, community, and sustainability. 


Brands- Calibueno works with only select brands that fall in line with our priority of maintaining a healthy community and ecosystem. Calibueno strives for quality and affordability, while still ensuring we support primarily Latinx, POC, family-owned, and women-led companies. 


Farms- Calibueno works with small, family owned farms in Northern California that are committed to your health and the health of our planet. Cannabis is first and foremost a plant that is cultivated, and by giving farms and farmers the credit and compensation they deserve, we hope to empower them to thrive in the industry. Trailblazing with the best means supporting farms that align with our core values. 


Flower- As always, our flower is small-batch, craft cannabis. We supply quality-tested cannabis at accessible price points and strive to provide our wholesale partners and delivery consumers with the best cannabis experience possible.